AKT Pass Rate

Pass Rate


69% All applicants

79% ST2 First time applicants

71% ST3 First time applicants


Fail Rates by Ethnicity


4.6% White

16.3% Asian

29.4% Afro carribean



Fail Rates by Country of Graduation and Sex


9.1% UK Graduates (Male 12%, Female 6%)

24.8% European Graduates (Male 43%, Female 27%)

43.1% International Medical Graduates (Male 31%, Female 28%)




- First time applicants have the highest pass rates.

- Based on RCGP results there is no statistical advantage to delaying your AKT until ST3. Consider taking the AKT

  late in your ST2 year to clear this hurdle before the very busy ST3 year.

- Female applicants have consistently higher pass rates than their male counterparts.

- White Female UK Graduates as a group have the highest chance of passing.

- Male International Medical Graduates have the lowest chance of passing.

- The AKT is anonymously marked removing marker bias against candidates based on their ethnicity or sex.