The best practice for passing this exam is to practice as many questions as you can. Try our sample questions which are in the style of the exam by clicking on the 'practice mcqs' link . The sample questions are referenced to the evidence source, and curriculum linked. There also handy links attached to the questions to relevant important documents such as NICE guidance summaries, GMC guidance, DVLA guidance etc.


Try to identify the areas that you are weakest in. Improvement in these areas is likely to lead to the biggest improvement in your total score, provided the topics carries a significant proportion of the total mark. nb candidates tend to like practicing areas they are already good at because they feel reassured by being able to answer questions correctly.  However the improvement is small because new knowledge is not being acquired.


  • Practice as many questions as you can

  • Identify your weak areas and tackle these early

  • Use our AKT database of curriculum referenced AKT questions

  • Read the questions carefully





Tax relief is available on exam fees: 


Trainees can claim their tax relief either by completing a form P87 or through their self-assessment tax return if they are already in self-assessment or the expenses they've paid amount to more than £2,500. Tax relief can be claimed for qualifying expenses incurred in the current tax year or any of the four preceding tax years. More information on how to claim can be found on the Gov.UK website and at the RCGP website

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