Other Dates

- If you can't find a date that suits your revision schedule why not meet with your colleagues and agree a date that suits your group.


- Email us your details and proposed date and we will contact you.


- Please bear in mind that we offer courses for a maximum of 6 people at a time.


- If there are less than 6 provided the group agree to share the total cost of providing the course we will run the course and share out the cases between the group members..

mymrcgp also provides communication skills teaching and CSA training with vocational training schemes.  If you are interested in having us teach at your VTS or help with your CSA program you can contact us via email. We are happy to provide references from our current VTS teaching posts.

- We offer an intensive 1 day course for 1 or 2 candidates at a time


- This course is aimed at candidates who have previously sat and failed their CSA .


- A single candidate will sit 12 cases and recieve a detailed assessment of their performance with intensive coaching.


- The cost for the intensive one day course is £1400. The cost is either split between two candidates, or paid by the single candidate.


- Email us your details and proposed date and we will contact you.

Bespoke Courses

Other Dates

Intensive Courses

Other Dates

Feedback from our intensive course


SR, Scotland, attended after failing CSA 3 times


       ‘I have passed my exam . Thank you for your guidance,it really helped.’