‘an assessment of a doctors ability to integrate and apply clinical, professional, communication and practical skills appropriate for general practice’
(RCGP 2007)



- 13 cases


- 2 minutes between cases 


- 1 or 2 examiners observing the consultation      



- 10 minutes per consultation 


- Candidates stay   in   their   consulting   room   for   all

  cases excepting telephone and home visit consulations


- The total exam lasts approximately 3 hours 


- There is a break in the middle of the exam for refreshments 


- Three domains are assessed

- Data gathering, technical and assessment skills

- Clinical management skills

- Interpersonal skills


CSA courses are a good way of familiarising yourself with the standard and format of the examination.


For more information on CSA courses see the link labelled course.



Tax relief is available on exam fees: 


Trainees can claim their tax relief either by completing a form P87 or through their self-assessment tax return if they are already in self-assessment or the expenses they've paid amount to more than £2,500. Tax relief can be claimed for qualifying expenses incurred in the current tax year or any of the four preceding tax years. More information on how to claim can be found on the Gov.UK website and at the RCGP website



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