ARCP stands for Annual Review of Competency Progression


The ARCP report provides evidence that you have met the competences required for your stage of training and are doing so at an appropriate rate. The review is done by your educational supervisor and happens at the end of each ST training year. Provided you get a satisfactory report you will be permitted to progress to the next stage of training. If there have been concerns with your progress or with a training post, then you may be asked to attend a meeting with a panel to review your progress.


 The final ARCP report is made at the end of ST3. It confirms that you have attained all of the required competencies of the training program. A satisfactory report provides the required evidence for the granting of a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) and the right to practise as a GP in the UK.


Your educational superisors report should be completed at least 2 weeks before your ARCP date. Your ESR report must be current and therefore should not be completed more than 8 weeks before your ARCP date.


Prior to your ARCP you must fill in a pre ARCP declaration form.