Case-based discussion is a structured interview designed to explore professional judgement exercised in clinical cases which have been selected by the GP trainee and presented for evaluation.  Evidence collected through CBD interviews will support the judgements made about trainees at the interim and final reviews throughout the entire programme of GP training. The CBD tool has been designed to be used in both hospital and GP settings.

In essence you prepare several cases (often two) for the supervisor to review. The supervisor picks one or more of the cases and asks questions to let you demonstrate you are competent making clinical decisions. The competencies you demonstrate are recorded in your eportfolio by your trainer. The questions you face  test attributes such as recognising uncertainty/complexity, application or use of medical knowledge, application or use of ethical and legal frameworks, ability to prioritise, and ability to consider implications and justify decisions.


Case Based Discussion

The VTS Bradford scheme have developed some useful templates for CBD. Links are provided below.




CBD Template (how to write a CBD)


CBD Grid (to help show you have covered all the competencies)


Explanation of CBD Competencies