Out Of Hours

The RCGP curriculum states that you should 'include a sufficient number of hours to  be both competent and confident in dealing with urgent care.'


There is therefore no specified number of hours to be undertaken.


Health Education England West Midlands suggests the following criteria –


  • A minimum number of 72 hours is likely to be necessary to demonstrate competence; many trainees may be required to undertake considerably more.
  • Induction should not be counted in this figure
  • There should be a suitable mix of clinical contexts to provide evidence of sufficient experience
  • Observational and entirely supervised sessions (counted as educational time in-lieu) should not count towards the 72 hours minimum.



The Educational Supervisor will still be ultimately responsible for advising the RCGP and ARCP that they deem their trainee to be competent across the range of general practice including urgent and unscheduled care and out of hours work. Evidence might include –

Record of sessions undertaken, and reflection on learning experiences; they must be accompanied by CS feedback and ES comments in learning log.

  • Evidence of discussion of basis for progression from near to remote supervision capabilities
  • Evidence of activity on ePortfolio – COTs, audio COTs, and CbDs
  • Evidence of a range of UUC contexts – telephone triage, home visits, face to face consultations)



Key definitions (RCGP Feb. 2019)
Out of Hours: Between 18.30 and 08.00 on weekdays; 18.30 Friday to 08.00 Mondays including Bank Holidays.

Urgent Care: Clinical care provided for illnesses or injuries which require prompt attention but are not typically serious enough to require the services of an emergency department

Emergency Care: Care that requires immediate response to the time-critical care of serious or life-threatening symptoms.